DuraVac has been Long Island’s Premier Central Vacuum source for over 45 years!
We can help you with new installations, parts or service for your existing central vacuum system.
DuraVac is the only company on Long Island that is certified by the VDTA (Vacuum Dealers Trade Association) to repair and install central vacuum systems. Our professional VDTA certified technicians will perform the following tasks when performing a service call:
-Clean main central vacuum power unit
-Check and clean secondary filter
-Change the bag/empty canister
-Inspect central vacuum power unit electronics and gaskets
-Check all low voltage connections
-Inspect all wall plates (inlet valves)
-Clean out pipes, and check for clog issues
-Check for air leaks
-Refresh the entire system with unique maintenance clothes
-Examine hose storage solution
-Examine hose, electrical connectors and central vacuum

Our service vans are available for in home service 6 days a week. Our vans are fully stocked with the latest central vacuum accessories for your central vacuum system. We only carry the highest quality parts and accessories available. Even our hard floor brushes are all natural horse hair, not synthetic; this prevents your hard wood floors and exotic stone from being scratched or damaged!
We also install central vacuums in new construction homes, existing homes, offices and commercial locations (including clean rooms). We carry the latest in hose management solutions, including Hide-A-Hose and Doc-it.
Please call us with any questions, and we will be happy to provide you with some basic troubleshooting tips by phone, at NO CHARGE. If we cannot walk you through your problem, we will be happy to set up an appointment to come to your office.

Being certified by the Vacuum Dealer's Trade Association, DuraVac Central Vacuum is one of only handful of companies in the state that are truly experts at what they do.

Our product and workmanship is second to none - let us prove it to you