Stop Asthma Before it Starts With Vacuum Installation and Repair

installation and repairSome people may be lucky enough to only get the sniffles and a runny nose from pollen and other allergens. However, others have much more serious respiratory conditions that can have dangerous complications to the individual’s health, and sometimes can even be fatal.

The most prominent and most dangerous disease that deals with allergens is asthma. It is estimated that 300 million people around the globe suffer from asthma, and this number is expected to grow by another 100 million people worldwide by 2025. This is a nerve-racking number considering that there are already around 250,000 annual deaths from this disease every year, which will likely grow as the number of people with asthma increases.

The most common method used to avoid these respiratory irritants is to avoid being outdoors, which is where most people assume the majority of pollutants are. Unfortunately, the place where people feel the most safe may actually be the most dangerous.

Allergens can easily hide indoors within carpets and other materials, left over from shed skin cells, hair, and normal dust buildup. The quality of indoor air can even be two to five times — and in some cases up to 100 times — more polluted than the worst outside air. When people walk over carpets and stir up dust, these particles can easily be inhaled.

With so many pollutants filling the air, the installation and repair of central vacuum systems can cut down on the allergens present in the home. Any residence with children should make a point to take these measures early on, considering that most respiratory problems are developed at a young age.

Even schools and organizations that deal with children should consider the installation and repair of their vacuums and central vacuum systems. With the average school accommodating up to four times more occupants than standard office buildings, all sharing the same amount of space, children are exposed to substantially more indoor pollutants. Children also breathe more air relative to their body weight than adults, meaning that they can more quickly and easily spread germs and allergens as they inhale and exhale.

Clearing all pollutants from the air is virtually impossible, but taking extra measures to reduce these irritants could prevent fatal conditions later on in life. The installation and repair of vacuum cleaners and a central vacuum system can at least offer some safety.

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