Has the Broom Been Reinvented?

central-vacuum-systemIf you have a central vacuum system in your house and you have had the new VacPan feature installed, it may seem that way. Well maybe the actual broom hasn’t changed but the annoying chore of sweeping sure has!  And the more I think about it; the fact is that it’s actually the dustpan that has been reinvented!

How the VacPan Can Change the Way You Sweep

The VacPan is a convenient feature of a central vacuum system. Also referred to as toe kick vacuums, baseboard vacuums, or automatic dustpans, this efficient cleaning option can completely replace the dustpan in your home!  Say goodbye to that line of dirt and debris that is always left behind when you are sweeping or to the dust that is released into the air every time you sweep. With the VacPan, those annoyances are a thing of the past. And if you have a central vacuum system in your home, you can install a VacPan.

Here’s how it works.  If you have a central vacuum system in your home, you can install a VacPan inlet in your kitchen’s baseboard or toe kick. The VacPan is installed flush-mounted to a wall, baseboard, or cabinet kickboard, and only turns on when you activate it. Keep in mind that while a kitchen is a popular area for a VacPan, it can be installed in any room of your home. Sweep dirt and debris over to the VacPan inlet, direct the kick switch to the “on” position with your foot, sweep the dirt and debris towards the powerful suction (powered by your central vacuum unit), and watch the dirt disappear.  The VacPan will suction all the dirt inside and straight to the central vacuum. No bending over, no dustpans, no dirt line left behind!  When you are finished you just use your foot to close the valve and turn off the suction power.

The VacPan is the perfect complement to any central vacuum system. It is easily installed in both new and existing central vacuum systems and it is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, workshops, and a variety of business workplaces including hair salons, retail stores, restaurants and more. This advanced feature allows you to easily dispose of crumbs, glass fragments, pet hair and hard to pick up debris. A featured contributor of The Kitchen.com, boasts, “Toe kick vacuums may be the most genius kitchen invention ever!” And if you are forever sweeping up crumbs and messes in your kitchen, you will probably agree with this testament once you are introduced to a VacPan system. You can say goodbye to the mess you make when you sweep and with VacPan, you can easily throw away your dustpans.

To add a VacPan system to your central vacuum system or to have a brand new central vacuum system installed in your home or place of business, contact the experts at Duravac.  They are the central vacuum specialists and can assist you with central vacuum system products, parts and installation. They have over 50 years of experience in the industry and they service all of the communities on Long Island. Contact them today at 516-822-3060.

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