Does Your Central Vacuum System Need Repair?

Does Your Central Vacuum System Need Repair?Long Island homeowners who are fortunate enough to have a central vacuum system in their homes know that the benefits of this easy and efficient cleaning system outweigh any cons. These systems offer a powerful and effective cleaning alternative to a regular vacuum cleaner. They can outlast the lifespan of several traditional vacuum cleaners and with proper maintenance you will be able to utilize this system in your Long Island home for many years.

Occasionally, you may find that your central vacuum system requires repair. The hoses may be clogged, the system may not be running at peak efficiency or you may need a new part. Common issues with central vacuum systems that may require repairs include:


Excessive buildup of dirt, dust, pet hair or a stray object can cause a problem with the suction of a central vacuum system unit. Depending on where the clog is located, this may affect the performance of some or all inlets throughout the home, reducing or eliminating suction capabilities.

Electrical Problems

In older central vacuum systems, electrical problems or even electrical failure may occur at individual units or at the main unit. Vacuum systems may start but suddenly stop. Electrical damage within the home may affect the central vacuum system or reduce the voltage to the main unit. Any electrical problems are best left to a professional to evaluate.

Motor Malfunction

Central Vacuum Repair Long IslandA broken or malfunctioning motor is most likely the result of advanced unit age or from overuse.  The motor may be repairable or you may need to replace the motor or the unit entirely. Regardless, a motor repair is best left to professionals. In addition, when handled by a professional, it often maintains the manufacturer’s warranty.

You can try to troubleshoot these problems on your own however; your best bet is to call a professional to repair the central vacuum system in your Long Island home. According to Home, “An appliance that does not run at all is always the easiest to troubleshoot and repair. The problem might be something as simple as the power head being turned off, faulty wiring or a clogged hose, however it is best to have a professional analyze your system and evaluate the problem.”

Regular maintenance and inspections can also prolong the life of your central vacuum system. To ensure that your system is working properly, you should schedule regular maintenance checks and at least have it inspected by a professional annually.

If the central vacuum system in your Long Island home is in need of repair, contact Duravac. They are the central vacuum specialists on Long Island and can assist you with central vacuum system repairs, products, parts and installation. Duravac has over 50 years of experience in the industry and they service all of the communities on Long Island. Give them a call at 516-822-3060.

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