Central Vacuum Systems Are Beneficial to SchoolsA central vacuum system offers powerful, convenient and efficient cleaning power. It is a well-known fact that a central vacuum system requires little effort and the lightweight cleaning hose can be conveniently moved from room to room and plugged in to pick up dust, dirt and debris in the room of any home. Today, in addition to smart homeowners around the country, many schools have installed central vacuum systems as a part of their janitorial department.

School environments can absolutely benefit from a central vacuum system. It has powerful suction that can easily pick up dirt and debris and the hoses can easily be moved from room to room.  However, many schools have also installed the Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system which provides even more convenience to the school cleaning staff.  With the Hide-A-Hose system, the vacuum hoses are stored within the walls and piping of the vacuum system, so the cleaning staff simply pulls the amount of hose needed from the inlet and starts vacuuming. When they are finished, the suction from the central vacuum power unit retracts the hose back into the PVC tubing installed within the walls of school.  There is no need for storing the hoses or dragging them from class room to class room or up and down stairs.

Unlike janitorial vacuums and appliances that are limited to intermittent operation, central vacuum systems typically run continuously so they are constantly available for use.  They are also vented to the outside of the school, whereas traditional janitorial vacuums and equipment expel exhaust, dust and fine particles back into the indoor atmosphere.

In addition, because of its deep cleaning strength, a central vacuum system can also reduce the dust and dirt in the air, thus reducing the allergens in the air throughout the school – which is an added bonus for staff and students. With so many children and adults that suffer from allergies today, a central vacuum system can help to provide at least a little relief. According to HGTV, “Central vacuum systems may also reduce the allergens in the air. With the increase in airflow, more dust and dander gets removed – making it a cleaner and less allergenic environment.”  This is an asset to any school environment.

Central-Vacuum-Systems-in-schoolsarticle on the NYTimes.com adds “One advantage of a central vacuum system is that the exhaust from the system is usually released to the exterior of the home or wherever it is installed. That’s the true spirit of a central vacuum.  The only way to create a healthy environment when you vacuum is to exhaust the system to the outside.”

Central vacuum systems are showing up more and more in schools throughout the country.  These systems can be custom-designed for each facility and permanently installed as a vacuum utility that can be used for broad-spectrum cleaning applications wherever dirt collects.  In addition to floor and surface cleaning, central vacuum systems can also be equipped with accessories for removing liquid spills in cafeterias and laboratories and collecting dust or welding fumes in industrial arts department.

Many schools throughout Long Island are considering the installation of a central vacuum system.  If you or your school is interested in a quality central vacuum system installation, contact Duravac – the central vacuum specialists on Long Island. They are certified by the Vacuum Dealers Trade Association and they offer quality installations, repairs, products, parts and accessories. Duravac has over 50 years of experience in the industry and they service all of the communities on Long Island. Give them a call at 516-822-3060 for any central vacuum services that you may need.