DuraVac can install a central vacuum system in your existing home in less than 1 day without any disruption to your home’s interior.


The experts at DuraVac can work directly with you, homeowner to install your central vacuum system. In fact, Builders and Homeowners insist on DuraVac. Simply call DuraVac to get a free in-home consultation, by one of our VDTA CERTIFIED experts.


DuraVac’s only business is central vacuums. Not only does DuraVac have the knowledge and experience necessary to install your central vacuum right the first time, but also to match the right power unit and accessory kit to meet your needs.


Pets? Children? Allergies? Carpets? Hardwood? Tile? Electric Power Head or Air Driven Power Head? Conventional hose or Hide-a Hose? These questions, and more, we will thoroughly discuss with you before any work begins.


We pride ourselves on using only the finest quality materials, thereby providing you with a clean, healthy home for a lifetime.


As being certified by the Vacuum Dealer’s Trade Association, DuraVac Central Vacuums is one of only a handful of companies in the state that are truly experts at what they do.

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