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DuraVac Specializes in Nassau County Central Vacuum Systems

When it comes to cleaning, no other appliance can compare to central vacuum systems. They provide convenient, efficient whole-house cleaning that far exceeds standard upright and canister vacuum cleaners. Whether you’re interested in maximizing your cleaning power with a new central vacuum installation, you want to keep your existing system in tip-top condition with routine central vacuum service, or you are experiencing problems and require central vacuum repair, there’s only one company to call: DuraVac. With more than 50 years of experience and a proven track record of success, it’s safe to say that the experts at DuraVac are the Nassau County central vacuum specialists.

Continual skill enhancement of our team ensures they are equipped to handle evolving customer needs.

Stringent quality checks and a commitment to excellence ensure top-notch service every time.

The trust our clients place in us is echoed in their positive feedback and repeat business.

Reasons to Consider Central Vacuum Systems

Central vacuums are a whole-house cleaning solution. They’re comprised of a power unit, which is housed in a convenient, yet remote location, such as a garage or a basement. Connected to the power unit is a series of tubes, which are attached to inlet valves that are built directly into the walls of your property. Long, lightweight hoses are connected to the inlet valves, which are used to vacuum the surfaces in your home or office. The dirt, debris, and dust that the vacuum system picks up travels through the hoses, and that debris is stored in the canister, which is also situated in a remote location (usually near the power unit). The end result: efficient, powerful cleaning.

When you want to vacuum, simply attach a hose to the inlet valve, connect an attachment to the hose, and you’re ready to go! What type of benefits do central vacuum systems offer? Let’s take a look:

  • Total convenience. With central vacuum systems, there’s no need to pull out and drag around a heavy, awkward portable vacuum; just connect a hose to the inlet valve and you’re ready to start clean. The hoses are lightweight, as are the attachments, and you don’t have to worry about finding power outlets to plug into or not having enough power cord to reach every corner of your home or office. Cleaning is so much easier with a central vacuum system!
  • Efficiency. Studies have proven that central vacuums are much more efficient than traditional vacuum cleaners. The reason? – Instead of recycling dirt, dust, and debris back into the air, these units exhaust outside, which means a cleaner, healthier indoor air. If you suffer from allergies or other respiratory issues, a central vacuum system will make a huge difference in your overall health.
  • Affordability. When compared to a standard vacuum cleaner, the central vac is much more cost-effective. Standard vacuums only last for so long and have to be replaced every few years; they also require new components, such as filters, on a regular basis. Over time, the cost can really add up. With proper care, central vacuums can last a lifetime; furthermore, they don’t require nearly as many repairs as upright and canister vacuums, so they can save you a pretty big chunk of change.
  • Less noise. The noise that a standard vacuum creates can be downright obtrusive, making it impossible to talk, listen to music, watch TV, sleep, engage in meetings, or do anything else that requires listening when they’re running. Central vacuums, on the other hand, produce virtually no noise at all. Because the motor is located in a removed area, away from living quarters, they are exceptionally quiet; in fact, the only noise they make is a quiet and barely noticeable “whish”.

Given all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why central vacuum systems are such desired appliances. In fact, property buyers are often willing to pay top dollar for homes or businesses that feature these systems, as they know the value that they provide.

DuraVac: Nassau County’s Residential and Commercial Central Vacuum Specialists

Are you thinking about taking advantage of all the benefits that central vacuum systems provide? If, contact the company that varLocation name residents and businesses business rely on for all of their central vacuum needs: DuraVac. For more than five decades, this full-service central vacuum company has been delivering exceptional installation, maintenance, and repairs for all types of systems.

What makes DuraVac different from other companies that offer central vacuum services? Some of the reasons why they continuously receive A+ ratings from the clients they serve include the following:

  • Their team of technicians undergoes extensive training and is exceptionally skilled in all aspects of central vacuum systems. From troubleshooting simple problems to correcting complex issues, and from expertly installing whole house vacuum systems in newly constructed and existing homes and businesses, they do it all!
  • DuraVac offers an extensive line of high-quality products from leading industry experts. Tool kits, attachments, and the revolutionary Hide-A-Hose retractable hose system are just some of the parts and accessories they carry and install.
  • They offer prompt, efficient services, and are available to make repairs for residents and business owners throughout Great Neck Gardens, NY six days a week.
  • Their experts are kind, courteous, and highly attentive; the DuraVac team treats every property they work on as if it’s their own.

All of these benefits and affordable prices; that’s why DuraVac is the most trusted central vacuum service provider in Nassau County.

For Expert Central Vacuum Services, Contact DuraVac Today!

Whether you need your existing central vacuum maintained or repaired, you are thinking about installing a new system, or you require any other service for your whole-house cleaning system, get in touch with DuraVac. No other company in Nassau County can compare to the incredible results they provide. Call 516-822-3060 to schedule an appointment or to learn more about their expert central vacuum services.

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Like the rest of the Great Neck Peninsula, this area was historically known as Madnan’s Neck.

The Allen family was one of the first European families to settle in the Great Neck area. They owned large portions of property (including farms) now located within modern-day Great Neck Gardens.

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