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Duravac: Suffolk County’s Central Vacuum Service Experts

Central vacuum systems make household cleaning a much easier and much less daunting task. Plugging a lightweight hose into built-in suction ports that are strategically located throughout your home sure beats lugging a bulky, heavy, and awkward upright or canister vacuum cleaner around.

While a central vacuum is certainly convenient, like any other appliance, it needs to be maintained. To ensure the system is running properly, routine central vacuum service is important. Duravac, Suffolk County’s central vacuum specialists, provides comprehensive maintenance services for residential and commercial central vacuums and will keep your unit in tip-top condition so that you can enjoy access to convenient and efficient cleaning for years to come.

Our multi-generational experience in the field underlines our deep understanding and reliability.

The high qualification level of our staff ensures knowledgeable and dependable service delivery.

We believe in crafting services that are specifically tailored to meet and exceed individual client needs.

Why Professional Central Vacuum Service is Important

Compared to a standard vacuum cleaning, the central vac is easier to maintain and experiences far fewer problems. Emptying out the canister and cleaning the filter is something that you can – and should – do on your own; however, having your central vacuum serviced by a professional at least once a year is highly recommended. Why? Because a professional will not only know how to properly maintain the system but will also perform a thorough inspection to identify and correct potential problems that you may not be able to spot on your own. 

Central vacuum systems are constantly exposed to all types of dirt and debris and undergo a great deal of wear and tear. Professionals are well-versed in all aspects of central vacuum care and maintenance and know exactly what type of problems can arise; they also know precisely what type of potential issues to look for while they’re servicing these systems. For example, during a routine service, a professional can spot a minor clog in a port and correct it before it causes extensive and costly damage to the power unit.

In addition to identifying and correcting potential issues, having a professional service your central vacuum system makes things a lot easier for you. You have a busy schedule; trying to find the time to inspect and maintain your central vacuum system on your own can be tough. Plus, wouldn’t you rather enjoy any free time you do have doing things that you enjoy rather than assessing and cleaning out your central vac?

Professional central vacuum service ensures the system is operating properly so that you can continue to enjoy access to fast, efficient, and convenient cleaning without having to give up your free time.

Duravac: The Central Vacuum System Experts

Looking to have your central vacuum system serviced by professionals that you can count on to get the job done right? Look no further than Duravac, Suffolk County’s full-service central vacuum cleaner experts. With more than 50 years of experience, our team of highly trained and exceptionally skilled technicians offers central vacuum repair and general maintenance for all makes and models of central vacuum systems.

Our team will perform a comprehensive inspection of your system, assessing every element of the unit, including the power unit, the pipes and inlet valves, the hoses, and the brushes. We’ll thoroughly clean all components, and if we detected any issues, we’ll address them to ensure that your central vacuum is operating at full capacity.

General maintenance and repairs aren’t all we do; we install new parts and accessories, too. From new ports to retractable Hide-A-Hose systems, our technicians can completely upgrade your central vacuum so you can enjoy maximum cleaning power. If you want to replace your existing system, we can take care of that, too; Duravac is the leading central vacuum system installer in Quogue, NY.

Why Choose Duravac for your Central Vacuum System Needs?

When it comes to central vacuum system maintenance, repairs, and installation, no other company in Suffolk County can compare to Duravac. Our technicians are prompt and courteous, and all of the services we offer are affordable. We’ll treat you – and your property – with the utmost respect. With more than five decades of experience, you can count on our Vacuum Dealers Trade Association-certified company to provide you with exceptional results.

Keeping your home clean is crucial to you, and making sure that our customers have access to the convenient, reliable cleaning power that a central vacuum system provides is our top priority. No other central vacuum installation, maintenance, and repair company can come close to offering the same level of service that Duravac provides.

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To schedule an appointment for routine maintenance for your central vacuum system, or to learn more about the services that we provide, please contact Duravac today. To speak with one of our knowledgeable and friendly associates, dial 516-822-3060. We look forward to working with you servicing all of your needs. 

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